About South Western High School

South Western School district serves over 26,000 residents in the pleasant rural setting of Hanover, PA. Hanover is located in southern York County: 19 miles southwest of York city; 54 miles northwest of Baltimore, Maryland; and 5 miles north of the Mason-Dixon line. Hanover is a productive agricultural, retail, and manufacturing town. Known as “The Snack Food Capital of the U.S.”, Hanover is home to many snack food manufacturers. Hanover is a designated historic district, and recently received its Main Street Designation from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center. Hanover is also home to Codorus State Park, a 3,500 acre park with boating, camping, swimming, and hiking.


South Western High School Quick Facts

Type of School
Demographic Breakdown
Grades 9,10,11,12
Enrollment 1,249
Teaching Faculty
89   Black/African American
Teachers w/ Masters +
73   Multi-Racial 2.5%
Seniors Planning Continuing Ed
Schedule- Block: 4 courses each semester
  Econ Disadvantaged


Curriculum and Graduation Requirements
The high school operates with two 90-day semesters. Each semester contains two marking periods (MP). Most courses meet daily for one semester and are worth 1 credit. Year-long classes meet daily in both semesters and are awarded 2.0 credits. P.E./Health classes meet every other day for one semester and are worth 0.5 credits. The high school offers courses at three academic levels: AP, Honors (H), and Academic. Courses taken online are designated either SWA or OWARE.

The successful completion of 28 credits and a graduation project is required for graduation. Credits must be earned in the following curricular areas: Mathematics – 4 credits, Social Studies – 4 credits, English – 4 courses, Science – 3 courses, Business/Career – 1 course, Practical Arts – 1 course, Fine Arts – 1 course, Physical Education – 2 credits, Health – 1 credit, Safety Education/First Aid – 0.5 credit. Seniors have access to Independent Study, Step Ahead (Work Study), Dual Enrollment at three local colleges, and Early Graduation (finishing 1 semester early).


Grading System, G.P.A., & Class Rank
On report cards, grades are reported as a percentage in each marking period (MP) and a final exam percentage. Final grades reported on the transcript are a single percentage calculated as follows: 40% MP 1 + 40% MP 2 + 20% Final Exam.

Final percentages are converted to a letter grade, and then to a 4 pt. scale:
100 – 90 = A = 4.0
80 – 89 = B = 3.0
70 – 79 = C = 2.0
60 – 69 = D = 1.0
59 and below = F = 0
[Courses not included in GPA are graded as: O, S, U; or Pass/Fail (P/F)]

All Honors and AP courses are awarded 1 additional point. Weighted cumulative GPA is calculated by summing total points and dividing by the credits attempted. A student's class rank is determined by his/her weighted GPA.


Honors/AP Program
Honors Courses – (23 courses)

General Science H
Biology H
Chemistry H
Chemistry II H
Physics H
Meteorology H
English 9 H
English 10 H
English 11 H
American Cultures H
World Cultures H
Spanish IV H
Spanish V H
French IV H
German IV H
Latin IV H
Geometry H
Algebra II H
Pre-Calculus H
PLTW Principles of Engineering H
PLTW Intro. Engineer. & Design H
PLTW Civil Engineer. & Archit. H
Anatomy and Physiology H


Advanced Placement Courses – (12 courses)

AP Biology
AP Physics
AP Physics C
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science
AP English Literature
AP English Language & Composition
AP World History
AP Government
AP Psychology


 Advanced Placement Testing

 # of Exams
 # of Test Takers
 % exams 3 or higher
2018-19 Frequent Exams (# of exams/avg. score)



Eng. Lang & Comp

 Calculus AB

World History


Class of 2019 Profile

Graduating students: 294

41 earned a 4.0+
48 earned 3.5-3.99
66 earned 3.0-3.49
76 earned 2.50-2.9
50 earned 2.0-2.49
32 earned less than a 2.0

49.0% - 4 year College/University
21.6% - 2-year Tech/Trade
18.1% - Workforce
8.7% - Military
2.7% - Undecided

3 Lenfest College Scholarships

Class of 2019 earned over $3.1 million in scholarships

Class of 2019 Post Secondary Destinations Include:

Albright College
American University
Bloomsburg Univ.
Brigham Young Univ.
Bucknell Univ.
Clemson Univ.
Dickinson College

Drexel Univ.
Elon University
Gettysburg College
Jefferson University
LaSalle University
Liberty University
Lincoln Univ. (PA)

Mount St. Mary’s
Penn State (Univ. Park)
Penn State (other campuses)
Rochester Institute of Tech.
Savannah Col. of Art/Design
Shenandoah University
Susquehanna University

Temple University
U. of Pittsburgh
U. of South Carolina
U. of South Florida
Virginia Tech
Wesleyan University
York College

Recent graduates have also attended: Emory University, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Naval Academy, Swarthmore, VMI, West Point, and the Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Post-secondary visits can be scheduled from 11:30-12:30 or 2:30– 3:15. Please contact Counseling Office Secretaries to schedule a visit. Upon Arrival: All visitors must present valid photo ID in the Main Office.

2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

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