Social Studies

The South Western Social Studies Program is designed to prepare learners at all levels to take their place as productive, functioning citizens of the United States and the World Community. It provides a foundation of knowledge of the geographical, historical, political, economic, religious, social, and cultural aspects of the United States and other societies around the world. It brings about an understanding of the interaction and interrelationship of the peoples of the world and develops an appreciation of the value and richness of diversity found among these people.

An integral part of the program is the opportunity for learners to sharpen their technology and communication skills while developing their ability to think creatively and analytically. This is promoted by facilitators who act as motivators, coordinators, and resource persons in actively developing and experimenting with technology, activities, resources, and strategies to guide learners in expressing their ideas and opinions while moving through the complexities of the curriculum.

An exemplary social studies education aspires to prepare all students to be responsible, knowledgeable, productive, functioning citizens of the United States and the global community. Each teacher in the Social Studies Department at South Western High School is committed to developing graduates that:

  1. Are knowledgeable about other cultures and have an appreciation for the ethnic diversity of this world.
  2. Have a deep appreciation for U.S. government, the capitalist system, and the American heritage.
  3. Have the knowledge and skills necessary for solving complex problems in the 21 st century global
  4. Can communicate clearly in both spoken and written words.
  5. Can utilize technology resources to learn, collaborate, problem-solve, and communicate.
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