College Visits

College Visits are a great way for students in any grade to learn more about a specific campus -but also to learn about themselves!  You may not know what you prefer-- big school vs. small school, large classes vs. small, highly competitive academics vs. lots of social time -- until you get on campus and see for yourself.

We encourage all students and parents to visit colleges early in their high school career.   Early visits are good to explore and compare.  Later in the Junior and Senior year visits should be more focused and meaningful. 

Use the resources at the College Board to plan your visits:  

Early Visits (9th, 10th, and Fall of 11th grade):

  • Use long weekends and summer vacation to explore options.

  • Start local – PA has tons of colleges of various sizes and styles. From large universities to two-year technical schools, you could visit any type of school with a single tank of gas. 

  • Take a tour – Go to the “Admissions” section of the website to find out how to schedule a campus visit.  Do you register online or call the Admissions office to set up a tour?

  • Come with questions – You may feel a little overwhelmed when you arrive, so come up with a few questions before you leave your house.

  • Take notes – write down your impressions and what you liked (and didn’t like) the same day you visit. 

  • Remember that you are visiting a college, but you’re really trying to learn about yourself.  What kind of college is a good fit for you?

Later Visits (Spring of 11th grade, 12th grade)

  • Visit on a regular week-day: get a feel for the campus in full swing, sit in on a class, listen to students as they interact with their peers, professors, and campus staff.

  • If you miss a day of school, you can submit the college visit to attendance and it will be an excused absences.  See Mrs. Foltz in attendance for instructions prior to your visit.

  • Work with the Admissions office to set up experiences specific to your interests - i.e. meet with a Physics professor, talk with the Band director, tour the weight room

  • If you have a physical or learning disability or other special need, set up a meeting with Disability Services. 

  • If this is your dream school and you're not sure you'll be able to get in, ask if you can have an interview with an Admission counselor.  Use this interview to "sell yourself" and explain why you are a great fit for the school.

  • Again, take notes about everything you see and experience.  Especially if you are having a hard time deciding between two colleges, it helps to have things written down.

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