Student Assistance Program

The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to help students overcome any barriers to their academic success. SAP strives to help students succeed in their classes, remain in school, and achieve their post-secondary goals.

The core of the SAP program is a professionally trained team which includes SWHS staff and liaisons from community agencies. SAP team members are trained to identify problems, determine whether or not the presenting problem lies within the responsibility of the school, and to make recommendations to assist the student and the parent. When the problem lies beyond the scope of the school, the SAP team will assist the parent and student so they may access services within the community.

There are four phases to the student assistance process:

Referral - Anyone can refer a student to SAP — school staff, a student's friend, a family member, or community member. The student can even go directly to the SAP team to ask for help. The SAP team contacts the parent for permission to proceed with the SAP process.

Team Planning - The SAP team gathers objective information about the student's performance in school from all school personnel who have contact with the student. Information is also collected from the parent. This information is used to determine a plan of action.

Intervention and Recommendations - The plan is put into action. The team assists in linking the student to in-school and/or community-based services and activities. These services may include counseling, drug and alcohol assessment, or mental health assessment.

Support and Follow-Up - The SAP team continues to work with and support the student and their family.

If you would like more information about SAP, or you would like to refer a student, please contact the SWHS Counseling Office or a member of the SAP team.

Student Assistance Team Members

Mr. Ronnie Bull

Mr. John Baugher 

Mr. Allen Bittinger

Mrs. Toshia Brodbeck

Ms. Katie Cook

Mrs. Mary Cook

Mr. Keith Downs

Mrs. Lori Holland

Mrs. Danielle Looman

Mrs. Randi Malinowski

Mrs. Suzanne Wimsett

Mrs. Kayla Zumbrun

Mrs. Jill Lenick

Mrs. Lisa Staub

Mr. Wes Winters

Mr. Jon Zimmerman

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