Behind The Wheel Training


To be eligible for behind the wheel training students must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction (Driver/Safety Education). This course is a graduation requirement that is scheduled for every sophomore. All students must pass this course before they can drive with an instructor.

Behind the wheel training consists of 6 hours of instruction. The cost is $275.00. The instructor will cover basic driving/parking skills, defensive driving techniques, and roadway courtesy. A student with their permit will drive 5 hours of instruction and be eligible to take the road test during the 6th hour. A student with their license must complete 6 hours of instruction. A certificate will be given to the student at the end of the 6th hour. This is the paperwork needed to receive your insurance discount.

Students with their permit are top priority during the school year. Students with their license are eligible to drive during the summer. Any permit driver that does not get selected to drive during the school year should sign up for summer driving. Summer sign ups will be during the month of May. Students interested in summer driving will select a week and a time of the day that fits their schedule. Summer driving students will drive one hour a day for one week. Students should know their summer schedule (vacation, sport camps, etc.) before they sign up for a spot. Once a senior has graduated they must complete the program by the end of summer.

Drivers selected during the school year will drive with the instructor after school hours (evenings and weekends) or during their scheduled Physical Education class during the school day. The schedule can be coordinated with the instructor to fit the student’s schedule. Students must see Mr. Sprenkle in room 702 to sign up for driving during the school year.

It is strongly recommended that students have at least 10-15 hours before they drive with a school instructor. Our lessons are geared to get the students out on the road and in traffic immediately so it is imperative that the students know how to control the car before we begin lessons. Through our past experiences we have determined that the majority of students are not ready to learn parallel parking until after 30 plus hours of driving. We will teach all students how to parallel park, but the more experience they have behind the wheel will make the parallel parking skill easier to learn for them.

Road Test

Students that have successfully completed 30 hours of classroom instruction and 5 hours behind the wheel with a South Western instructor are eligible to take the road test. Road tests must be scheduled with the instructor 1 – 2 weeks in advance.

The test will be the 6th hour and will complete the behind the wheel training. Upon completion of the 6th hour the student will receive a certificate for their insurance company.

Parents must sign the Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C) in the presence of the instructor. If the parent cannot sign the form in the presence of the instructor they must sign it in the presence of a notary. The instructor will have this form or you may print one from

The test takes approximately 20 minutes and will consist of various driving situations. Students will be asked to parallel park at the beginning of the test. The score sheet used by the instructor is the same sheet used at the Driver License Centers.

If the student passes the road test the instructor will stamp their permit and the permit will be their license until they get their photo card in the mail (approximately 4 weeks). The stamped license is valid for 120 days.

If the student fails the road test they must wait 7 days to retake it (test on the 8th day). The permit allows for 3 attempts to pass the test.

Obtaining Your Learner’s Permit
Pennsylvania Requirements

  1. Complete the Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit Application (DL-180) found on the PA DMV web site.
  2. Have your medical provider complete the back of the Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit Application (DL-180) no earlier than 6 months prior to your 16th birthday.
  3. If under the age of 18, parents or guardians must complete the Parent or Guardian Consent Form (DL-180TD) found on the PA DMV web site. If the parent or guardian cannot accompany their son or daughter to the Driver License Center this form must be signed in the presence of a notary.
  4. After studying the manual bring the following items to the Driver License Center when you are ready to take the Knowledge Test.
    • Completed application
    • Proof of date of birth and identification
    • Social Security Card (must be signed)
    • Check or money order made out to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

At the Driver License Center, your vision will be tested. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you should have them with you. You will then take the Knowledge Test. The Knowledge Test consists of 18 multiple choice questions. You must answer 15 questions correctly to pass the test. Practice test questions are available in the manual and at the PA DMV web site.
If you fail the test you will be permitted to retake it the following business day.


Pennsylvania Road Test Requirements

Students that want to take their road test at the Driver License Center need to meet the following requirements.

  1. Student must make an appointment with the Driver License Center (York or Gettysburg). 1-800-423-5542 or
  2. Students under 18 must have a valid learner’s permit and wait until their test date (6 months).
  3. Students must bring the Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C) to verify your 65 hours behind the wheel.
  4. Student must present the following items:
    Valid learner’s permit
    DL-180C form
    Registration card for the vehicle you plan to drive for the test
    Insurance card on the vehicle
    Valid driver’s license of person 21 or older that accompanied you to the center
  5. Student will be asked to operate the vehicle controls.
  6. Student will be asked to parallel park (space is 24 feet long and 8 feet wide – student must be no more than 12 inches from the curb).
  7. Student will road test.
  8. If the student passes the road test he/she will receive their license at that time.
  9. If the student fails the road test he/she will have to wait 7 days before to retake the test.
  10. The permit is good for 3 attempts to pass the road test.


If you have any questions about the Behind The Wheel Training, contact Mr. Greg Sprenkle at South Western High School.

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